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Islam: America's Trojan Horse! is published

Published Mar 15, 2003

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Islam: America's Trojan Horse!

A North Georgia author has just published his 13th book titled ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! The book is documented with over 250 references from Islamic and Western scholars as well as major encyclopedias. Don Boys, Ph.D., postulates that the Muslim religion constitutes a Trojan Horse that is intent on doing irreparable harm to America. Boys also repeatedly declares that the lawful, honest, pro-American Muslims do not alarm him but those who strictly follow Islamic “holy” books do. He quotes a Muslim witness at the State Department to the effect that an extremist sect from Saudi Arabia controls 80% of the American mosques!

The author asks at the opening and close of his book: “If Muslim terrorists bomb L.A., Chicago, Washington, and N.Y. tomorrow, would I be considered too harsh, hard and hateful?” He is fearful that following the next terrorist attack (that all Federal authorities say is coming) non-Muslim thugs will attack many innocent Muslims. Throughout the book, Boys differentiates between lawful Muslims and extremists, something Federal authorities have not done.

Dr. Boys, often critical of the present administration wrote: “When the next terrorist attack happens you will notice that Bush and Company’s unwisely and hastily adopted sympathy and pandering to all things Muslim will be discarded as quickly as long underwear in a Texas heat wave.”

The book deals with the life of Mohammed; his numerous sexual affairs including his marriage to a six-year-old girl (the marriage being consummated when she was nine); his taking of his son’s wife; his sleeping with his slave girl and his concept of contractual marriage (whereby a man can be “married” for 15 minutes for the purpose of sex).

The author also reveals Mohammed’s murder of innocent Jews and Christians including the well-known beheading of over 800 Jewish males after the Battle of the Trench (because the Jews did not give him the support he expected). Boys carefully documents each accusation from the Muslim “holy” books and from Western and Islamic historians.

A chapter dealing with the many mistakes, contradictions and absurdities in the Koran and Hadith is very revealing. Boys declares that Mohammed put words in the mouths of Bible characters to give Islam a history it does not have. He points out that Mohammed often has Bible characters all jumbled together not knowing that they lived a thousand years apart! Often a thousand miles apart!

The scientific mistakes in the Koran reveal the ignorance of science during the seventh-century desert culture. Mohammed thought both the sun and moon revolved around the earth, thought the sun set each evening in a swamp, thought the mountains gave the earth stability and kept it from shaking! Furthermore, Mohammed thought the stars and the moon were together in the lowest heaven, not knowing that the moon is less that 250,000 miles from earth and the nearest star is 100 million times farther from the earth! The moon and stars are hardly together!

Boys also reveals what he calls “absurdities” in the Koran such as Satan urinating in the ears of those who miss morning prayers and who sleep in church! Mohammed also taught that Adam was created 90 feet tall and Muslims must try not to pass wind while they are waiting for prayers to start but if they do, the angels will pray for them.

The author’s main concern is the Muslim teaching concerning Jesus Christ whom they teach as not being deity. Boys says that it is simple: If Christ is not Lord then His claim of being deity, His second coming to rule upon the earth, etc., would reveal Him to be a liar or lunatic. Boys says He is Lord of all.

Mohammed totally misunderstood the Bible teaching of the Trinity. He thought Christians believed in three gods who were the Father, Mary (mother of Jesus) and Christ! Modem Muslims continue to perpetuate that nonsense. Boys says that no orthodox Christian group anywhere in the world ever believed that.

There is no doubt that the book will anger many Muslims but Boys professes that he does not hate anyone and believes that ISLAM stands for I Sincerely Love All Muslims. He says that love requires truth and he says he has told the truth with his book. To those Muslim clerics who are offended by Boys’ book he asks: “I would like for a Muslim leader to tell me why he has the right to offend me with lies about Christ’s deity, death, and resurrection and I am supposed to sit there and smile like an idiot, but I cannot point out the incredible contradictions, mistakes, and absurdities in the religion of Islam without being called a hater.” Thus far, no one has answered his question.

Chapters on the numerous plagues of the past and people’s reactions to those plagues and disasters should be considered in the prospect of future terror in America. Boys also documents plans for terror by past U.S. presidents that will alarm many naïve Americans! Then his chapter on immigration will be perceived (by some) as an attack upon all non-white immigrants although Boys says that no one really believes in unlimited immigration. After all, there is a limit to what any ship can carry. The author calls for closing off all U.S. borders with the military, deporting all illegal aliens, and stopping all legal immigration for about two years until there is some balance in the U.S. population.

Many will disagree with the author because of his rigid adherence to the Bible and will attempt to put him and other Bible-believing Christians in the same camp with Muslim terrorists, but Boys says, “Bible believing Christians are not flying planes into buildings and exploding body bombs in crowded restaurants.”

One thing is sure: No one will have any doubt where the author stands on Islam, their “holy” books, Mohammed, terror and those American preachers who are building bridges between Christians and Muslims. Boys says “the bridge leads only one way—toward Islam!”

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Islam: America’s Trojan Horse!
Quality paperback, 280 pages, index and glossary;
Freedom Publications, ISBN 1-879805-05-7


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mary ellen jantzi
Aug 6, 2013 9:51am [ 1 ]

Please keep getting this message out! Islam is a sham - and a highly dangerous one. No Christian should put up with its lies - and be able to defend Christianity as a TRUE religion. I can’t wait to get your book. ME

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