Did You Know?... 1

…that God loves Muslims babies as much as He loves yours?

…that the popes, priests, and prelates who preached the Crusades were as wicked as the Muslims they hated?

…that God is blamed for many things done in His name because most people don’t know the difference in church members and real Christians?

…that Christians are not unreasonable, uneducated, uncaring Bible thumpers?

…that I hardly ever thump my Bible and even then, not very hard?

…that it is dishonest, disingenuous, and despicable to suggest that there is any comparison between Fundamentalist Christians and Fundamentalist Muslims?

…that if a Muslim truly believes and follows the Koran, he is a potential terrorist?

…that there are some moderate Muslims who abhore violence and murder but who are  afraid to oppose their fellow Muslims lest they lose their head—literally?

…that there are over a hundred verses in the Koran that command Muslims to kill Jews and Christians?

…that Muslims believe in Christ but not the divine Christ of the Bible who died for our sins and rose from the dead?

…that there numerous mistakes in the Koran, a book that is supposed to have been received from Allah?

…that all Muslims are not terrorists but thus far, all terrorists have been Muslims?

…that Muslims are given permission to lie if the lie furthers Islam?

…that “Christian” preachers who are “building bridges” between Christians and Muslims are guilty of political correctness and personal cowardice?

…that many Iraqi men were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing according to Congressional testimony?

…that every Muslim in the world is obligated to help make the nation in which he lives, a Muslim nation?

…that the Dictionary of Islam  defines “Jihad” as “a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad”?

…that it is obvious that all religions are not of the same value when you observe a Bible-believing Christian and a Koran believing Muslim?

…that there is not one church in all of Saudi Arabia?

…that Islam is a religion whose god expects you to send your son to die for him while Christianity is a faith whose God sent His Son to die for you?

…that Islam is not the Good News but the message that Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross is efficacious for the sins of the world is the Best News ever published?

…that Jesus Christ is the only hope for this world?