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Police Threaten to Arrest Pastor for Anti-Islamic Tract!

Published Apr 21, 2004

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The police detective who headed the city/county Hate Crimes Division entered the office of a Baptist pastor, sat down and laid a Chick tract (with the church’s imprint) titled “Allah Has No Son” on the pastor’s desk. The detective told the pastor that the content of the tract and the church imprint was enough evidence to charge him right there and then.  The pastor and church were guilty of a hate crime: telling the truth about Islam. I have read that tract and it is historical and biblical. Yes, it would offend a Muslim who is not interested in the truth and it might offend a “mushy,” “wishy-washy,” cowardly Christian. However, for one who believes the Bible (with its command to evangelize the world) and who knows history, it would pose no problem. 

The detective told the pastor that the content of the tract and the church imprint was enough evidence to charge him right there and then.

Recently my wife and I had services in four Canadian Independent Baptist churches, one of them the above church. The pastor told the detective that the particular tract was not part of his convictions and he would use another tract with the same message but without the “offensive” drawings.  As far as we know, the detective was satisfied. The pastor told him that if he were told not to preach or distribute the Scriptures, he would refuse and go to jail. Furthermore, the pastor told him he would continue to evangelize the 40,000 Muslims in London [Ontario, Canada].

U.S. pastors had better get ready because the same thing will happen here. When it does, how will you react? Of course, no one knows for sure how he would respond until he faces the threat. While a particular tract would not be part of my “convictions” I don’t have plans to do any negotiating. I would tell the police they are out of line and to remove themselves from my office. In essence, I would dare them to arrest me. If they did, I would fight them in court but the following morning I would file a multi-million dollar false arrest lawsuit against the detective, the police department, and the county where the incident took place. I would also file an anti-discrimination suit against them in Federal Court since they would have infringed on my religious rights. After all, racial minorities, perverts, women, and Muslims are not the only ones who have rights.

Christians still have at least as many rights as all other segments of society, but we have been too placid, kind, soft, gracious, etc.  Now, we must always be Christian, but that does not mean that we cannot “appeal to Rome” as the Apostle Paul did. “Rome” must be held accountable. Judges, prosecutors, police, and non-elected bureaucrats must realize that they must obey the law like everyone else. I will hold their feet to the fire. If it means jail time for me, I am ready.

Copyright © 2005 Don Boys, Ph.D.

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