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Why has this Fundamentalist Preacher Not Been Arrested?

Published Sep 18, 2004

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He even uses church funds to purchase arms and ammunition to use against authorities, and stores those arms in his place of worship!

A young Fundamentalist preacher in a southern city has crossed the line and begun to preach hate, violence, and terrorism while local and national authorities look the other way! He advises his congregation to “terrorize your enemies.” He even uses church funds to purchase arms and ammunition to use against authorities, and stores those arms in his place of worship! In June of 2003 he organized a militia group and pledged to protect other fundamentalists who support his cause

He has been accused of murder of a moderate religious leader and an arrest warrant was issued for him in April of 2003. Yet, he is still preaching fiery sermons each week to his followers stirring them up to rebel against constituted authorities. He insists that his fundamentalist theology must supersede the laws of the land!

This 31-year-old preacher has promoted demonstrations that resulted in riots with dozens of people being killed including many law-enforcement authorities. He claims to have hundreds of thousands of followers although the number is believed to be about 10,000.

Some questions demand an answer: Why is he still free if he is accused of murder? How can he get away with using church funds to purchase guns and ammunition? Why have authorities not gone into his place of worship and confiscated the illegal arms and arrested him? The answer is simple: He is not an American living in America but a Muslim living in Iraq! That makes him special.

His name is Moqtada Sadr, a Shiite cleric who is the son of a respected cleric who was murdered by Saddam Hussein thugs in 1999.

His name is Moqtada Sadr (مقتدى الصدر), a Shiite cleric who is the son of a respected cleric who was murdered by Saddam Hussein thugs in 1999. Junior’s claim to fame is not his knowledge of Muslim “holy” books or of sharia law but in pumping up violence and hatred against U.S. forces and the new Iraqi government. Junior has even suggested that his followers capture female soldiers in Basra and use them as slaves. Sadr has also threatened to unleash suicide bombers against U.S. forces. This young dude is not just another pretty face. He is a religious fanatic who needs his stinger removed.

Will someone from the Bush Administration tell me why this jerk has immunity? Why is he being treated “with kid gloves”? Why is he special? After all, the U. S. Government has no compunction against going after U.S. citizens who do not conform to the satisfaction of public officials. Case in point: How about Waco where our Federal Government went after law-abiding, tax-paying citizens and killed 74 of them (including women and children) on April 19, 1993? Sure they were cultists (not Fundamentalist Christians as uninformed media have suggested), but even cultists do not deserve to be gassed and burned to death. Their leader could have been arrested any day as he jogged or went into town. Furthermore, their guns turned out to be 100% legal! So why were Federal authorities so quick to destroy their church by illegally using U. S. military equipment and personnel? Is a mosque more sacred than an American church? Are Muslims more protected than Americans are?

How about another example: As soon as Bush became president, his Justice Department went after the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, a church where I have preached numerous times over the last 40 years. Seems the church refused to keep records and pay FICA as demanded by the Feds. Contrary to common belief, the issue was not refusal to pay taxes since the church employees paid them. (My youngest daughter taught in their Christian high school.)  Because of such grievous crimes, your Federal Government dragged the pastor and others from the 2000 seat church building and confiscated (stole) everything in the building—paid for by the tithes and offerings of God’s people. The huge sanctuary was bulldozed to ground level and the land sold for a pittance of its worth!  The Government also grabbed a church parsonage leaving the senior pastor without a home! Your Federal dollars at work!

Even if the accusations were true that the church owed taxes, wasn’t it a case of Federal overkill? After all, that is the first time in U.S. History that the Feds (IRS) has taken a church—and for an alleged tax bill! After all, the IRS has forgiven millions of dollars owed by major corporations and the U.S. has forgiven billions of dollars owed by third-world countries, but they would do nothing for a 50-year old church!

While President Bush had no responsibility for Waco, he sure has the stain of Indianapolis Baptist Temple on his hands. Question for Bush: Why the special treatment for a Muslim rabble rouser who has the blood of hundreds on his hands and the treatment of his mosque as a very sacred place? Why not drag the accused killer from his protected mosque, arrest his followers, confiscate the arms and ammunition, and put an end to his rebellion?

I’m waiting for an answer, but I won’t hold my breath.

Copyright © 2004 Don Boys, Ph.D.

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